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When you’ve suffered hearing loss, it’s nice to know there’s someone who listens. Crystal Hearing is dedicated to your unique needs, providing industry knowledge, damage, and prevention education. Plus, we carry the latest technology the industry has to offer.
With central hearing loss the issue sits in the central nervous system and not the ear itself. The affected person’s ear might work just fine but they have difficulty understanding what is being said, because central hearing loss affects the ability to filter out competing sounds and noises.
With conductive hearing the inner ear is not effectively receiving sound. There is damage, blockage or some other issue jamming the signal from the outer and/or middle ear.
When it comes to sensorineural hearing loss, the damage lies with the inner ear and/or the nerve. Also known as cochlear hearing loss, inner ear hearing loss and nerve deafness. A very large number of hearing issues fall into the “sensorineural” category.
Mixed hearing loss is when a person has a combination of two or more types of hearing loss. This category is when both sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss are present. – See more at: