Oticon Agil Rite / Agil Rite Pro Hearing Aids

Oticon Agil Rite / Agil Rite Pro Hearing Aids


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Product Description

Oticon Agil Rite / Agil Rite Pro Hearing Aids allow you to make intuitive sense of your surroundings –even in situations where many sounds compete for your attention. Oticon Agil lets you do all this while demanding less of you.

Oticon Rite Agil Hearing Aids are designed to help you expend less energy in every situation. We know that different settings ask more of us than others. A dinner party or chatting with a friend in a busy café are just two instances where listening can prove challenging. But it’s not only trying to grasp the properties of sound that can be taxing. In a busy environment, the effort required to listen can leave you with very little to actually enjoy the moment. Oticon Rite Agil changes all that.

Oticon Agil Rite / Agil Rite Propreserves the natural dynamics of sounds and gives your brain more of the sounds it can recognize and process. It does this by sending sounds to your brain in the way it learned to process them. That takes the hard work out of making sense of sounds and following what is going on. It means you can now not only keep up, but contribute and participate actively in conversations with less effort.

How Agil’s premium features work

  • Spatial Sound 2.0 helps you organize sounds, know where they come from and make sense of your surroundings. You will also be able to select the person or sound source you want to listen to, and ignore those you don’t.
  • Speech Guard dramatically improves your ability to follow conversations in complex environments as well as eliminating sudden noises, like the slamming of a car door or someone chopping vegetables.
  • Oticon ConnectLine delivers sound directly to your ears from your TV, landline and mobile phones, and audio devices like music players and personal computers.

Available in a variety of colours:

Silver Grey, Silver, Steel Grey, Diamond Black, Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown

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