Phonak DECT CP1 Cordless Phone

Phonak DECT CP1 Cordless Phone

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Product Description

The Phonak DECT CP1 Cordless Phone is here!

In the past, speaking on the phone can be challenging to hearing aid wearers. Not anymore! Introducing from Crystal Hearing Centre, the NEW Phonak DECT CP1 cordless phone that streams the phone signal wirelessly to both hearing aids simultaneously. Perfect for home or work, it can be used by non-hearing aid wearers too.


How it works & features:

It connects wirelessly within 10″ /25cm from your hearing aids to reduce voice and maximize understanding

Automatic signal streaming

It has a regular acoustic output for non-hearing aid wearers

No programming required

You can connect up to 6 handsets to one base

12 carefully selected ringtones

Dedicated volume buttons

Volume boost

Hands-free mode

Vibrate function


Come visit us in-store to see a demo of this exciting new product!


View the brochure, See the quick guide.